Meet the Potatoes


 Made by a Potato - Meet the Potatoes


Every Potato who works here has a story to tell. We really couldn't do it without everyone listed below.


Russell the Russet - Made by a Potato


Russell is our Chief Potato Stamper and resident joke teller. He does the majority of our stamping because of his incredibly desirable oblong shape. Sometimes you’re just born with it..
When he’s not stamping he can be found telling a joke he thinks is taterly hilarious.
Russell’s friend is a garden worm named Teddy.



Meet the Potatoes - Ruby Red

Ruby Red 

Ruby specializes in floral stamping and organizes our office potlucks. She’s usually seen with a hot cup of tea and comfy slippers.

Fun Fact: Ruby set the land speed record 43 years ago while rolling down a local hill. The record stands to this day. 



The Fingerlings - Made by a Potato

Fiona & Finnigan Fingerling

Fiona & Finnigan are inseparable, and for good reason, they’re tater twins! They love doing all the same things and they often finish each others sentences. They grew up in an artistic household and love anything creative. They love stamping hearts and small shapes. 

When the fingerlings where hired on, Ruby referred to them as the “new potatoes.” They were quick to correct Ruby and said, “we’re not new, we’re fingerlings.” Everyone laughed and laughed. 



Yuri the Yam - Meet the Potatoes

Yuri Yam

Yuri dabbles in the details. When something small needs to be done, you can count on Yuri. He’s also one of the more modest and humble tubers in the bunch. 

When Yuri isn’t at work, he can be found at his mushroom farm about an hour north-west of the city. 



Salma Sweet - Made by a Potato

Salma Sweet

Salma heads up our design department. If it’s a design on our website, you can guarantee that she’s put her stamp of approval on it. 

Everyone around the office knows not to bug Salma in the morning till after she’s had her Twix bar. 



Billy Blue - Meet the Potatoes

Billy Blue 

Billy is a bit of a Swiss army knife around the office. If there’s artwork to stamp, he’ll stamp it. If there’s a lightbulb to change, he’ll change it. If there’s a… well, you get the picture.

Billy Blue is married to Penny Purple. They are proud dog parents to five Great Danes. 



Yolanda Yellow - Made by a Potato

Yolanda Yellow 

Yolanda is a world renowned burlap hand-bag designer who recently sold her company for an undisclosed amount. She decided she wanted to pursue something within the art world that would bring her meaning, so obviously when she heard about what we were doing she was ready to get stamping. 

Yolanda is our most recent addition and has already made a massive impact.