Potato stamped cards for every occasion.

Why a Potato?

Simply put, we just love the idea that a humble potato can make such a positive impact.

First, we carve...

We thoughtfully select our potatoes and carve them by hand into a potato stamp. It has taken us a lot of practice to master our potato stamping technique.

Then, we stamp...

Using a layer of water-based paint, we test out different variations until we create one that shows off all the perfectly imperfect potato textures.

Last, we print!

Our in-house design team use their tools (and a little bit of magic) to add the final touches before we send our cards off to a local print shop. Curious about how this all started? Hit the button below to learn more.

  • Our envelopes are made with 100% recycled materials

  • Our cards are all designed and stamped in Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.

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