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Made by a Potato x Action Against Hunger


Made by a Potato started with a core belief that a little can do a lot. We thought about how one humble Potato could feed an unlimited number of children. Could one single potato help us provide 10,000 meals? Could it help us provide 20,000? How about more? The impact is actually limitless as we can make any number of prints from the original artwork. 

It was then that we realized we had to make this happen. We had to start this company and see how many kids we could help. 

The next step was to find the best possible partner for us to achieve our goals, and through our research, we found a highly rated global non-profit with an office in Canada. We reached out immediately! After some email and zoom, we knew we found the right partner.

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. They save the lives of malnourished children. They ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare. They enable entire communities to be free from hunger. Last year alone, they served more than 25 million people in nearly 50 countries.

Action Against Hunger works not only to treat acutely malnourished children through a community-based approach, but also to improve child survival and prevent undernutrition by addressing its underlying causes.

Their technical expertise is internationally renowned, due to their 40 years of operational experience in countries with the highest burdens of hunger, and also due to their contributions to developing revolutionary nutrition products and field testing treatment protocols that have become international best practice.

They aim to increase the number of children worldwide who are screened and treated for undernutrition and to build the capacity of local health systems to treat undernutrition. They are committed to research, partnerships, and learning that will allow them to continually improve policy and practice to end undernutrition in all its forms by 2030.

What is a meal? Who gets it? 

Action Against Hunger™ provides a shelf stable, nutrient dense product that is given to children who are facing acute malnutrition. A typical child will get three of these servings a day to help them regain nourishment. The technical term for this product is Plump'y nut. Plump'y nut is a life-saving peanut butter paste supplement used to fight severe malnutrition. It packs a powerful nutritional punch. Check out the stats below! 


Made by a Potato - Plumpy Nut


What does Plump'y nut look like?

Glad you asked. To someone who needs it, it looks like life. 

Made by a Potato Plump'y Nut