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Made by a Potato - About us


Made by a Potato™ is a passion project from the people who brought you FRIDAY SOCK CO.  LITTLE MAY PAPERY  MATCHSTICK BOUTIQUE  PLANTSIEWEEKDAY CANDLES

We started our small business journey in 2015 in a one bedroom condo. Very soon after we added a baby Ella into the mix who crawled her way through a maze of boxes in our living room. Back then we had a printed thermometer taped to the wall and would keep track of new stores we were able to get our products in. When we hit our goal we would be able to think about quitting our day jobs. Adam (me) had a purposely mismatched sock company with 6 designs, and Leanne had a watercolour wedding/home portrait/greeting card business. Our weekends were filled by dragging bins of socks and cards to local markets with baby Ella tagging along a number of times. I'll always remember helping customers while rocking her to sleep with my foot.

Before I put you to sleep with the background story, let's fast forward to now. At the time of writing this (Feb 25th 2022), we are a 12 person team occupying a small warehouse in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our team's mission is simple. We want to make cool & interesting products responsibly, give back to the community and beyond, and (hopefully) make our customers smile in the process.

To date, our group of small business/brands has given over $100k to non-profits and charitable causes. Our hope with Made by a Potato™ is that we can feed as many hungry children as possible.

To learn more about the Social Good aspect of this brand click HERE